A specification which defines constrains on a docker container to aid in the scheduling of scientific compute tasks.

It is also a Python library that can be used to check if a container confirms the specification.

Kliko image

A Docker image confirming to the kliko specification. An image is an ordered collection of root filesystem changes and the corresponding execution parameters for use within a container runtime. Images are read-only.

Kliko container

A container is an active (or inactive if exited) stateful instantiation of an image.

Read more about Docker terminology in the Docker glossary.

Kliko runner

Something that can run a kliko image. For example the kliko-run command line tool, or RODRIGUES.

The /kliko.yml file

A yaml formatted file confirming to the Kliko specification that defines the parameters a Kliko container is expecting. This is the file you want to create and add to your dockdr image if you want to create a Kliko container.

The /parameters.json file

A json encoded structure that contains all the parameter values for your compute task. This file is presented to your container at runtime by the container runner, for example RODRIGUES or Nextflow. The valid fields are defined by the Kliko image container and are defined in the kliko.yml file.

The /param_files folder

Files defined in the kliko.yml file and specified during runtime should be copied to the param_file folder by the kliko runner.